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All About Conecworld

Conecworld was created with a mission to help individuals grow and succeed in reaching their greatest potential. We believe that time, skills, and energy possessed by individuals are the biggest assets for achieving prosperity. We are destined to be different, by being born as an ecosystem that accelerates individuals who are committed to significant growth together. We believe that success is not exclusive, but can be achieved by everyone.

Therefore, we guide individuals to learn, collaborate, and create a masterpiece through diverse strategic programs and activities with thousands of networks. Supported by the Conecworld Super App which can be accessed anytime and anywhere to increase productivity. We also provide physical infrastructure covering an area of ​​more than 18 thousand square meters as one of the largest Collaborative Spaces in Indonesia.

By always innovating and creating breakthroughs, in a short period, we have grown to help thousands of individuals in reaching their greatest potential. Maximizing the capacity and uniqueness of individuals is our vision. We believe that heritage wealth will be lost, buildings will be obsolete, but ecosystem will leave a legacy that lives forever. That's why we are proud to be doing things differently.

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